Burkina Vision

Welcome to Burkina Vision, a space for discussing thoughts about development and life in Burkina Faso, Africa.

Why Burkina Vision? The name Burkina Vision is meant to convey three key ideas:

The first is that, to me, development in Burkina Faso is about Burkina developing its own vision, and about Burkinabés achieving their incredible potential. Though but a small piece of a huge and complex puzzle, the heart of my placement is about helping Burkinabé students and teachers create that vision and realize that potential.

The second idea relates more directly to the blog itself: sharing the perspectives of people in Burkina about Burkina. This will largely be myself, but hopefully it will also include guest authors (or at least other perspectives).

The third idea is centered on you, the reader (and hopefully participant!). Hopefully this blog will provide you with a vision of Burkina Faso that is new, interesting, worth thinking about and even worth talking about. I hope to hear from you in the comments!

Issakou - an innovative student in the village of Kayero


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