Put me to work

Dear friends, family, colleagues and supporters,

Thank you all for your tremendous support during the first four months of my placement in Burkina Faso. The time I spent there has convinced me of both the potential of its people and the importance of helping them realize it.  This mission is something I believe in immensely and I hope you will support me. Your donations will first go towards my own placement, and then towards that of the next EWB volunteer from the Montreal Professional Chapter.

This time, however, it will be a little different: following in the footsteps of my friend and constant source of inspiration Mark Abbott, your donation allows you to put me to work for a day in Burkina! Days are available at either 25$ or 50$, depending on just how much work you want to put me to (the donation can be done entirely online – the link is on the right):

What does 25$ get you?

1. This day is your day. Throughout the day I’ll be gratefully thinking of you and the fact that your donation is what is allowing me to create change in Burkina Faso, so someone in Africa will be thinking about you on your day (brag about it to your friends!)

2. A personal email recounting what happened on your day. (Sometimes I don’t have internet, so this might not be on the day itself, but I promise to try my best to do it as soon as possible.)

3. Sharing in the credit of anything special that happens on your day. This can be as small as someone in Burkina asking me how I am able to be with them (thanks to you!), but who knows, maybe I’ll finally come up with that world-changing book idea?

What about 50$? On top of the first three, a ‘big’ day also entitles you to…

4. The opportunity to ask me a question or give me a personal challenge that I will try to work into your day, as long as it isn’t dangerous (for me or for others) or doesn’t adversely affects my work. (If ever I don’t manage to do it on the day itself, I’ll still make sure to keep trying and do it when I can! If it turns out to be impossible, I’ll make sure to let you know all about my attempts.)

5. A special and personal thank you from someone I work with.

… and if you guys go over 50$, you can either take more than one day, or we can get creative!

I leave Montreal on January 31st and return on July 16th. Allowing February 1st – 5th as settling back into Burkina time, that gives me 160 days available, starting on Feb. 6th.  So, if you’d like to put me to work for a day(s) in Burkina, make a donation through this website and send me an email at danagiacobbi@ewb.ca to let me know what day(s) you would like. Your name will be added to the schedule and I will send you a confirmation email.   If you have one, don’t forget to include your question or challenge!

Thanks so much for your support!


p.s. Check out the schedule here.

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