What do you see?

This section is a bit of a pilot, open to changes small and big based on your comments and reactions. My intention is to share an image from Burkina Faso and have you describe what you see. Express what it makes you think or feel when you see the image; to you, what is the story behind it? I’ll then share what the image means to me.

The catch is this: you must share your interpretation/story as Hemingway did in his shortest story (Baby shoes: for sale, never worn.), that is, in 6 words or less, in whatever language you choose (though if other than English, French or Spanish, please explain so I can understand). You can either choose to explain your story or not. If the format doesn’t work, we’ll change it, so let me know what you think! Here’s an example below, not from Burkina:

Photographìa… Por favor… Click! Cinco soles.

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