This page provides the schedule of who has purchased what day, and the challenge or question they have given me if applicable. Take a look if you’re wondering what day to buy, or want some challenge ideas!


Days are available starting February 6th up until July 15th.

Feb. 6th: Ali Torabi – Before you get too homesick, you have to pretend that the temperature is -30 degrees. Now of course I dont expect you to take your winter jacket there but a nice warm toque, scarf, gloves and a few good layers of clothing are very encouraged. Take 3 group pictures and post them up.

February 21st: Isabelle Leblanc – Live a day in the life of a Burkinabé family and describe it for me.

March 17th: Cynthia Jarjour-Kassab – Meet one of your colleague or friend’s grandmother or mother and tell them about your own grandmother. Celebrate her birthday with them.

April 15th: Ron Malone – For my birthday, toast both of us and share a good meal with your charges.

May 8th: Michèle Dubreuil Leblanc – Explain Mother’s day to a classroom of young students and ask them to do something nice for their mother on that day.

June 4th: Elizabeth & David AuthierTake care of yourself and come home safe and sound! Good luck as your project continues!

June 15th: Jean-Phillipe Leblanc and Pascale Dion – Prepare a nice (as Canadian as possible) meal for a family in need.

June 24th: Still pending… but something to do with Quebec and St-Jean Baptiste day.

July 1st: Willy Jarjour – Sing the national anthem of Canada in English or in French to a group of Burkinabés.

July 4th: Donna and Bob Hawk – Have a fun day enjoying our national holiday in Burkina!

July 8th: Allison Kassab – Wear a silly hat!

July 9th: Wanda Jarjour-Giacobbi – Toast us with your friends on our anniversary!

Last date – July 15th:

And… here are those with currently unassigned dates (but who have bought days and given me some challenges! They may yet give me a date or I’ll assign their dates around other people’s choices.)

Mark Abbott – (Some of his favorite challenges that were given to him): 1.  Meet and tell me about a strong women leader, 2. make some children laugh, 3. screen a movie, whether it be to a few people or a crowd, 4. do something completely out of character that scares you.

Don McMurtry – Post on Youtube a video clip that clearly shows, and we can hear, you singing the National anthem of Burkina Faso. It should be done in a local language of your choice and you can have accompaniment by friends or strangers, music if that works too.

Ladan Mahabadi – Have numerous unforgettable adventures and a safe trip back home.

Alfred Leblanc – 1. Take pictures of ovens (both modern and traditional) and more generally all cooking methods and the necessary supplies (wood, coal, …) everywhere you go to provide ideas and context for Catherine’s oven optimization project. 2. Find out what happens to cotton from the moment it’s produced to when it becomes a consumer good. 3. Find out as much as you can about the health system in Burkina, particularly about the tools and services available for radiology. 4. Find some electrical layout plans and how investigate how electrification is managed. Also investigate what the sources of energy are – thermal,  local dams, solar, etc.

Mike Tétreault-Friend­ – Good  luck in Africa! While you are there, try to find and bring me back an insect collection (or a several).

Danielle Tremblay – Have a great trip and congratulations for your present and future accomplishments!

Frederick Gosselin – Your assignment will be to teach Burkinabés about the firehose instability!

Thank you so much for your support!



4 Responses to Schedule

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  2. Cynthia Kassab says:

    Hi Dana,

    I would like to book March 17th. My challenge is for you to spend some time with one of your friend/’scolleague’s grandmothers telling her about your grandmother and how we used to celebrate her birthday. Hopefully your friend/colleague will be able to act as translator if necessary.

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