Welcome to the first installment of “What do you see?”. The explanation of this pilot can be found here. The picture is below!


What do you see?

What do you see? Qu'y-voyez vous?


I’m eager to read your stories!

4 Responses to 12/10/2010

  1. Tony says:

    It appears that they are laying down newly kilned bricks to cool. I wonder why kind of clay is used, where it came from, and if it is a strong building material. I wonder if they make the bricks the same way as in Iraq, Bolivia or Mongolia. I wonder if techniques for making the bricks strong, able to withstand greater compression, could be improved by putting these brick-makers from different parts of the world in touch with each other. I bet there is a website somewhere for that.

    I wonder how the kilns are fired. What kind of fuel is used. I wonder if the creation and use of this fuel has an impact on the environment negatively, or even positively. I wonder if the process could become more efficient. I read somewhere that a group in India was able to create carcoal from pine needles and other forest rubbish, and thus they didn’t have to cut down the trees for fuel. I wonder if this would work where my friend Dana is right now.

    A lot of wonder about in 2 minutes…

  2. Wanda Jarjour-Giacobbi says:

    Wall collapsed; neighbors rally to rebuild.

  3. Simon says:

    Perfect weather for making good bricks

  4. Louis-A says:

    Les briques sont prêtes! Au travail!

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