Video – Intro to my placement

Hello! This is my first attempt at a video post so hopefully I’ve done everything right.

The video is a short bilingual introduction to my 6-month placement with Engineers Without Borders Canada in Burkina Faso, which will focus on developing Burkinabe student leadership and entrepreneurship. By working with university administrators, teachers and students, I hope to help those students realize and develop their potential to bring lasting positive change to Burkina Faso. (Check out a few more details about my placement and EWB’s work in Burkina here!)

Our first Burkinabé volunteer and a major source of inspiration for our team in general and for this initiative in particular, Nasser, shares a tiny bit of his own story.

Hopefully, a better internet connection will let me put more videos like this in the future. Let me know what you think!


About dbgiacobbi

I am a volunteer with Engineers Without Borders Canada, spending 10 months in Burkina Faso. I work with an agricultural college (Centre Agricole Polyvalent de Matourkou) and a rural development engineering school (l'Institut du Développement Rural). My idea of development is helping people in Burkina Faso Achieve their potential follow their own vision for themselves, for their school and for their country.
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2 Responses to Video – Intro to my placement

  1. Louis-A says:

    Hey Day!
    Je suis content de voir que tu t’es bien rendu. Comme je t’avais dis, je suis ton blogue de très près, j’attendais impatiemment ta première publication. Lâche pas! Bon retour au Burkina et merci à Nasser pour son témoignage. Au plaisir de vous suivre sur ton blogue! Ne te gêne pas pour ajouter des vidéos, c’est pas mal cool!

    À bientôt!


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